Enjoying the Simple Things

To keep myself from getting lost in my search for the big, life-affirming travel moments, all I have to do is remember that some of my favorite past travel moments were the little ones.

The BYOB movie theater my friends and I would go to after class in Bath.

Winding around the West Virginia highway with my boyfriend behind the wheel and ’90s R&B on an offline playlist.

The kids watching that giant bubble street performer in Prague’s Old Town Square.

Prague Bubbles 2

Look at that joy.

Walking down the street in Aix-en-Provence eating a two-euro tomato and mozzarella sandwich.

Being stuck on the bank of the River Cherwell because my flatmates couldn’t quite get the hang of punting.

Getting caught by a crazy sudden hail storm in Berlin on our way to see Checkpoint Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie

It threw off the afternoon and we wound up enjoying a long lunch getting to know people in our tour group instead of going inside the museum.

Having a friend cancel dinner plans at the last minute and winding up enjoying a stellar solo meal instead – pad thai at Ngam near Union Square in NYC

Learning how to cross the street in Rome

Wasting an entire afternoon at Budapest’s Szechenyi Baths learning the lyrics to Brazilian pop music

If these tiny things became moments that I took away from my past travels, why would my future travels be any different? Staying in the present and paying attention to the little moments isn’t something I’m worried about.


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