Boosting My Savings Account

In finally seeing what arrows BootsnAll’s RTW planning course might add to my quiver, I’m surprised to see selling stuff come up so early in the process. Not even one week into the 30 days of material and they’re already talking about yard sales.

I had always assumed that selling stuff would be one of the last things I considered, but I finally see the value in thinking about sales early on.

While I’ll hang on to the stuff I need and use until I actually leave, taking time now to think about what stays and what goes and what prices I’ll ask for sold items fills in a significant part of my trip budget.

Between old furniture, clothes, decorations, and books, I’ll be able to add a solid $2000-3000 dollars to my savings account. Knowing I can count on that money before my departure puts my budget in much stronger standing.


One thought on “Boosting My Savings Account

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